Our Board

PDX was set up by a team of professionals with over 120 years combined experience maximising the use of IT technology in improving the effectiveness of clinical systems and processes.

Clive Minihan

Clive Minihan has an astute business brain that has been honed over 30 years of working with start-ups and dynamic small technology companies, in both the UK and USA.  Taking some businesses from their day zero to their final successful exit, has provided the insight that PD2X requires, as it channels its expertise into high-growth areas and markets and attracts investors seeking strong returns.  Having handled exits totalling around £200 million, Clive understands how to build highly successive businesses that will produce returns on investment.

Equally passionate about the One Health philosophy as Andrew, he drives PD2X forward, engineering partnerships that can help the company capitalise on its outstanding software solutions.

Clive has an MBA from the highly respected Harvard Business School and also has an MA from Oxford University.  He is a qualified accountant and Treasurer of the Harvard Business School Club of London.  He is also a Mentor on the NHS England Clinical Entrepreneurs Programme.

Andrew Halliday

Andrew is a co-founder of PD2X, in partnership with Clive Minihan, with whom he has enjoyed two previous hugely successful cloud-based software collaborations.

With a degree in Zoology, from the University of Leeds, and a Masters’ Degree in Biology (Manchester University), Andrew has a natural affinity with both the animal and human healthcare worlds and is passionate about the One Health philosophy.  His in-depth experience as Chief Technology Officer at various Health Tech companies over the last 15 years, also equips him with the IT skills to channel his scientific and biological knowledge into on-point, digital IT solutions.

His experience, as co-founder of Health Team Ltd (aka knowmalaria) – a company helping to safeguard travellers against the hazards of diseases not usually encountered on British shores ­– now underpin the services delivered by Pinpoint Travel Health, one of PD2X’s exciting Group brands.