Consumer diagnostics

The Drive to Diagnostics

During the Covid-19 pandemic, in person diagnoses became few and far between. The need for detailed and reliable online healthcare services therefore increased.

Even before the Covid pandemic, consumers had undergone a behavioural change in their attitudes to healthcare. Media focus and the availability of clinical information on the internet has helped to drive people towards awareness, self-help and well-being.

This has meant:

– A greater understanding, familiarity and confidence in clinical testing
– An acceptance of the longer-term health benefits of preventative medicine
– A recognition of the accessibility and affordability of highly-specific testing

These factors have led to a much greater emphasis on testing for:

– Female health and fertility
– Nutrition and food
– Intolerance
– Oncology
– Allergies
– Chronic conditions and aging

As a cloud-based system, PD2X also provides the ideal platform for remote testing and reporting in the field, e.g. for clinical trials. PD2X  simplifies and consolidates data collection whilst avoiding the delays and errors consistent with paper note taking and subsequent  transcribing of information.