Welcome to PDX

Data for Health

A SaaS company managing the collection, storage,  interpretation and delivery of health data in a usable and flexible manner

Consumer Diagnostics

Private sector genetic testing in areas of oncology, fertility, gastric health etc, direct to consumer or through retail partners

Occupational Health

Supporting Occupational Health companies, and employers, in the provision to employees of wellness programmes as well as drug and alcohol screening tests.

Pathology & Laboratories

Providing streamlined, secure data creation, management and storage for routine and emergency processing of private healthcare and NHS data.

Clinical Trial Data Collection

Facilitating the collection of samples for participants in clinical trials in their own homes rather than having to attend hospitals

Supporting Genetic Medical Research

Providing an agile and customisable portal for the collection, storage and analysis of data generated in advanced genetic medical research


For both Livestock and Companion animals, PDX provides a platform for veterinary practitioners to collect and transmit data for analysis and speedy diagnostics delivery, and supporting the increased deployment of POC diagnostic devices