About PD2X

PD2X is a Software as a Service (SAAS) company committed to developing a tailored experience for all stakeholders within the data-for-health world.

Its stakeholders can here be defined as being partner laboratories and clinics, customers, Government and the NHS, investors and shareholders and collaborators.

Cloud-based software

Our third-generation, cloud-based software has evolved from previous software products, created over the past decade, during two previous successful collaborations between our company’s founders, Clive Minihan and Andrew Halliday.

Our aim is to generate cost-saving opportunities for our clients, as well as providing them with a better, slicker way of handling day-to-day service delivery.


PD2X is continually scanning the healthcare and veterinary landscape, to launch new products and solutions in an agile and flexible way.  We are also focused on developing new relationships, to help drive our One Heath-focused solutions forward.  We are a company that never stands still.

What our clients say

"Using the Recova portal has transformed the time and potential mistakes in transcribing test details; we simply check samples in using a barcode scanner and upload the results from our Laboratory Information Management System once processing is complete. Without Recova we could not have successfully scaled our operations"

"We are now able to offer a new service to our customers, allowing them to receive test results for a wide range of conditions, with three days of testing."

"We trialled the technology at a small event and it made a remarkable difference to our speed and efficiency,” Alistair Graham, CEO Dependable Forces Limited.

"In our work we perform testing at corporate gatherings and the app makes the process run a lot more smoothly,” Iain Campbell, Managing Director Wren Healthcare.