PDX mission

Our Partners

Our partners share a common denominator – the desire to better collect and manage data relating to sample collection, vaccination and immunisation and human and animal diagnostics.

They seek simpler, more flexible and robust ways to achieve their goals but also appreciate the added-value potential of our software and its capacities.

They range from well-known healthcare brands, including Boots, to leading laboratories such as Cambridge Clinical Laboratories, Eurofins Scientific, Yourgene Health, Source Bioscience, Viapath and Synlabs.

Medical testing

Further partners and customers

Other customers are veterinary practices that need to rapidly bring their systems into the 21st century world, without feeling intimidated by technology.

We also partner with a wide range of private health and travel health clinics, which face ongoing challenges in delivering occupational health vaccinations, required travel vaccinations for travellers and employees heading to far-flung places off the beaten track, and key diagnostic tests.

Quite simply, our partners can be any organisation, clinic, pharmacy, laboratory or veterinary practice that recognises that its approach to data could be streamlined, simplified and transformed into a less time-intensive and cost-intensive process, through the adoption of easy-to-use cloud-based software, tailored to their own particular requirements.