What We Do

PD2X is a Software as a Service (SAAS) company, offering software solutions which address key gaps in vaccination, diagnostics and sampling collection systems within our post-pandemic world. Here, virtual appointments, remote sampling and flexible approaches to patient and animal care have become the norm, creating an environment in which our intuitive and advanced software can flourish.

We provide the means to build greater resilience in human and animal healthcare systems, in two vertical markets where diagnosis/analysis and vaccine delivery management are fundamental to day-to-day operations. These vertical markets can be defined as pharmacy/clinics and veterinary.

We focus on two key sectors. The first is human diagnostics and vaccination management – the focus of our Group’s PRX division. We partner with well-known healthcare brands, including Boots and with leading laboratories such as Cambridge Clinical Laboratories, Eurofins Scientific, Yourgene Health, Source Bioscience, Viapath and Synlab.

The second is animal diagnostics and vaccination management, the specialism of VetDX, working closely with RAFT Solutions Limited, part of XLVets – a globally recognised veterinary group with a strong presence in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Canada.

Our approach

Our service platform operates within traditional clinical pathologies and in the rapidly growing area of point of care (POC) diagnostics. Wherever our solutions are deployed, they carefully manage the collection, storage, interpretation and delivery of health and animal health data, in a flexible manner.

We operate a pay-as-you-go pricing model, rather than creating off-the-shelf, licensed software. We partner with each individual client, to develop a relevant, tailored and organic software solution, which addresses their unique requirements and ways of working.

Our intelligent, cloud-based software is regularly updated, as it becomes used in real-live environments and is fully maintained and serviced during its lifetime. This approach means there are either no upfront costs, or only limited costs, to pay in advance.

Our proposition

PD2X can develop a minimal viable product (MVP) for a client in just weeks, thereafter fine-tuning and perfecting the cutting-edge software in the light of experience and user feedback.

PD2X software clients all benefit from easy-to-use, seamless software. This is backed by uncompromising data security. PD2X holds the ISO 27001 data protection standard, applying its stringent principles and requirements within every process within its business.

Our ability to anonymise data also provides a wealth of opportunity, in terms of analysing patterns within data. This offers the potential to do everything from helping to manage emerging disease threats, to assessing reasons for anti-microbial resistance.