Human Diagnostics & Vaccination Management

PRX is the division of PD2X focused on human diagnostics, vaccination management and travel health.

Our aim is to allow healthcare professionals to focus on what they do best, rather than spending precious time on transcribing hand-collected and hand-annotated information, or having to process data manually.

Pharmacy Solutions. Vaccination Management & Travel Health

Our software is the perfect fit for a world in which health awareness, wellbeing and self-help are top of many people’s agendas.

It also recognises that travel to remote worldwide locations is often undertaken for both leisure and business purposes, with both types of traveller requiring specific types of health protection in some countries and more remote areas.

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Occupational Health. Supporting Occupational Health

Furthermore, our software offers an easy way to manage data processes underpinning the increasing demand for other vaccination services, such as seasonal flu, occupational health vaccines and standard immunisations.

Our tailored solutions are easy-to-use, highly accessible and designed to dovetail with your existing systems and workflow.  They collate patient-sensitive data in a concise and relevant way and transmit it securely and efficiently, for further analysis and interpretation, with the backing of UK-based servers and secure, encrypted protocols.


If you wish to understand more about how our software can assist your clinic, pharmacy, travel clinic or other healthcare business, tackling your remote processing, screening, vaccination and immunisation challenges, whilst mirroring how you work, please visit our main PRX website.

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